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Friday, July 12, 2024

One type of wallpaper you may come across is a "ready pasted paper".

Ready Pasted Wallpaper   


A pre-pasted modern vinyl wallpaper. A trough to hold water will be needed to hang this type of wallpaper, though it will usually be supplied with the paper.  To hang, simply submerge your required length of paper for the manufacturers recommended amount of time, fold as required, then simply apply to a surface.  


Basic wallpapers are either made from wood pulp or vinyl.  The wood pulp type papers are used either as a preparatory paper or finish papers.  An emulsion paint is usually added to a preparatory paper or it will be used as a lining paper. These lining papers will be available in a variety of grades ranging from 400 (thin gauge) up to a 2000 grade (heavy gauge).  One reason for a heavy gauge paper is to conceal any cracks or minor defects the wall may have.  Different types of preparatory papers are: 

Plain  - Base for finish papers of an even porosity or as a base for painting.  Hides minor defects and is suitable for well prepared substrates.  Use a starch or cellulose paste to hang.


      Coloured and reinforced lining paper                                               Woodchip                                                          Anaglypta

      Lining Paper                    Woodchip Lining Paper                Anaglypta Paper



Finished papers are supplied in a diverse range of patterns.            

                   Standard                                                                            Washable                                                           Embossed 

       Standard Finished Wallpaper                                  Washable Paper                 Embossed Paper                                                                                           



Vinyl papers come in 3 basic classifications.                                                      


           Standard patterned vinyl                                                          Sculptured vinyl                                                        Blown vinyl                             

       Standrad Patterned Paper                                    Scuptured Vinyl                Blown Vinyl Paper



Specialist Wall Coverings

These are odd or different in some minor variation.  Usually found on a particular job or unusual scenario.


                   Clothed Back Vinyl

       Cloth Backed Paper 

A cotton backed covering that is textured to look like fabric.  Halls, corridors and public places of high traffic are preferable areas to use this type of covering because of it's high durabilty.


                 Lincrusta Walton

       Lincrusta Wall Covering

The covering imitates a carved pattern on wood or plaster. Quite pricey, this specialist material is mainly used on dado rails, in eateries, pubs and staircases.


                     Paper Backed Hessian

       Hessian Paper 

This fabric covering is made from jute.  This materials is typically found in places of business and public buildings.


                       Metal Foil Paper

        Gold Foil Wallpaper 

As it's name states, this is a covering with a metal completion, usually used as a decorative covering on hallmark walls.



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